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Are you looking for a part time job during your studies? Or are you approaching the end of your studies and looking for an internship or an opportunity to write your master thesis with a leading technology developer? 

Take the chance and be part of one of the most exciting companies working with ocean energy!

We have a great history of working with motivated and talented students doing an Internship or Master thesis here at CorPower Ocean. Take a chance to discover CorPower and get a valuable head start to your career in an increasingly exciting industry.

Internship - Electrical Engineering
Master thesis - Optimisation of offshore electrical networks
Internship - Validation of test rig preformance
Internship - Test Rig System & Analysis
Master thesis - Optimal Control
Spontaneous application Intern

Students at CPO

During my internship at CorPower, I worked on the design of the full-size prototype of the Wave Energy Converter, modelling its behaviour and designing some parts, looking at quite a few different aspects of the design. This was really an exciting experience: learning a lot, on modelling with Simulink and wave modelling, as well as so many other topics, but above all feeling like a part of this dynamic team, working on a meaningful and challenging project!

Sébastien Master student, École Centrale Paris, France

As a research student intern at Corpower I work on different models to design some aspects of the full-size prototype and its test bench. It's really cool to be part of an exciting project like this. I learn a lot of things with a super nice, dynamic team that is also committed to making me progress.

Gaspard Master student, École Polytechnique, France

Knowing the ocean waves contains tremendous amount of energy, wave energy converter (WEC) may be used to extract this energy and convert it into electricity. I asked myself what can be more thrilling than writing my master thesis in such a cutting-edge technology and being the part of changing the world to somewhere better, greener, and cleaner?! I investigated the methodologies to estimate and predict the excitation to maximize power absorption by the purpose of reducing the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCEO). If you ask me what I like the most about my thesis, I would say working under supervision of Lead scientist of CorPower Ocean Company that I acquired invaluable knowledge. I have experienced to be free as a researcher to propose my idea while not deviating too far from the main goal.

Zahra Master student, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

I’m doing a 4 months internship at Corpower Ocean in which I work on testing and improving the model of the Wave-Energy Convertor. I have a large autonomy in my work, though I meet twice a week with my experienced supervisor who helps me understand better the Matlab and Simulink environments and the theory behind the model, and gives me guidelines to be sure my research is useful to the whole team. Overall, it is a friendly place to work where I learn quickly about wave energy conversion, develop new skills and help a thriving company make the world a better place !

Valentin Master student, École Polytechnique, France

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