The Systems and Analysis team is a team of many talents. 

When in the design phase, we’re responsible for specifying the performance, functionality and design load cases of the next prototype and its test rig. To do this we are extensively using our in-house Simulink model – probably one of the world’s most advanced numerical models of a WEC which has been deployed!! – which we also continuously maintain and develop. This phase also involves a great deal of simulation data analysis and controller development, the objective of which is to make informed decisions together with the other amazing teams. 

Our daily discussions range from how to best represent the mooring system in this model to what the optimal buoy shape for a point absorber might be, or whether an auto-regressive algorithm is the best way to predict the excitation force from the incoming waves. Yes, we’re a bit geeky sometimes 😊

When we start testing things, from a module test rig to full-scale prototype deployment, we get involved in the integration and commissioning of the different systems. 

Finally, we’re responsible for specifying the tests we want to perform, participate in these tests, and then there’s usually a whole lot of data coming our way. We’re then looking for smart ways to automatically analyze, display and report what all this data tells us. These reports are then used as part of the next funding application, thus closing one loop and opening the next one!


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