We are the engineering team that deals with the electrical and electronic design on the CorPower Wave Energy Converter. We are a multi-faceted team that tackles engineering challenges ranging from the high power, medium voltage level to the low power, electronic level. Some of our particular tasks include:

  • Designing the electrical drivetrain for the power-take-off (PTO) unit
  • Choosing suitable components for the power export system
  • Identifying appropriate sensors, actuators and cables for the control system comprising of all other modules in the Wave Energy Converter
  • Designing optimal offshore electrical networks for wave arrays
  • Ensuring that all design processes comply with applicable standards and are accompanied with relevant documentation


We are a team that strives for excellence and persistent improvement; believes in a data-driven approach; and values strong team work. If you identify with these values and are interested in powering the wave energy revolution, you should fit right in!   


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